Overbooked Flights

Airlines are selling a perishable product: once the plane is gone, they cannot sell the flight seats. This results in the overbooking flight practice.

Airlines could provide excuses that they have to overbook to compensate for the damages from the increasing figures of individuals who make bookings but never show up and board the flight. They might inform you that some guests did not certain as scheduled, or that a few rooms are in need of maintenance or redecorations. Aviation laws clearly regulate that compensations should be provided by the overselling airline to the costumer.

If you have a definite or guaranteed flight confirmation and you have complied with all of the rules of the booking, for instance coming as planned to the airline desk, the airline is obliged to take all reasonable activity to take care of you.


Your compensation benefits for loosing your overbooked flight seat may include:

  • Travel vouchers worth at least 200 USD or free flight tickets or air miles.
  • A guaranteed seat on the next available flight to your destination along with a possible class upgrade.
  • Hotel rooms when the next available flight is on the following day.
  • Meal and restaurant coupons to compensate for meals served on the flight.

Make sure you get and bring a written booking confirmation.

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